Iqama Expiry Date & Validity 2021 Saudi Arabia

the iqama Expiry date is the most important information about any person. And here today we are going to show you the methods where you can easily check the iqama expiry date.

Iqama Expiry is meant to view is the end date of you are residence stay notification in Saudi Arabia. it’s also a permit of living or permission for work in Suadi Arabia. You can check you are iqama expiry date in a quick way by these methods,


in 2021 you can check you are iqama Expiry date with these lSteps, Please Follows These Short steps and view You are Iqama Expiry date.

NOTE: This method is for those People How to have Not Absher Account:


1-Open you are Mobile Brower and Search Wazarat E Amal in Google.

2-And After Searching Wazarat E Amal now Click on this Address Website

3-Now you have to choose the given mention area. Means now click on the mention button for checking your iqama expiry date in Saudi Arabia.

4-After Completing all the Steps, A new Windows Page of the iqama expiry date website

5-On the New Page you can also Change the Current language into you are understandable Language.

Process to check the iqama expiry date

6-So, On this Page Now you have to Firstly Change you are language and then Now Follows the next step on this Page.

7-Now Scroll Down you are Page. And Find the new user option on this page. You have nothing to Put any details on this page. So, Simple Scroll the page down and click on new user.

8-After Clicking on the new user button. you will get another window. Where you have to Complete some available Fields which also required details about you are iqama.

9-Moreover by this way you can check Any of the Person iqama Expiry date, One more thing, and by this method you have not required about the Absher Account.

10-So, Be easily you can check any of friend or you are iqama expiry date with this method in Saudi Arabia.

11-After Now a new Page you have to Write you are iqama Number and Date of Birth. which is not harder to provide this info.Because every person knows about own iqama number and Date of Birth.

Final Step of Iqama Expiry date

12-You can also See the Guide image of the iqama Expiry last Step process. Here you can Easily Track the fields of Required details about the iqama expiry. Simple in the first box just write you are iqama expiry number and after it. Provide other details like date of birth and fill the Security code of the image. and click on the mention button

13-When you will Click on the Circle mention button. All the iqama Expiry details will be open at the front of you are page. Here on this page, you can see you are expiry date. Or other details like Name, Address, Nationality, etc.

This Whole Process is Still Working So, you can try this method by Own. if the Method is changed we will also update the Post.


You can also get the guidelines from the video Tutorials. Where All the steps are shown by the live process to check the validity date of the iqama. Moreover, All the Languages and all the ways of the complete process you can see on it.


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